Clear Braces

What are Braces?

Braces (orthodontic treatment) straighten or move teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth and how they work.

Braces can be removable, so you can take them out and clean them, or fixed, so that they are stuck to your teeth and you cannot take them out.

They can be made of metal, plastic or ceramic. Invisible braces are made of a clear plastic, at St Cuthberts Dental Surgery we use the Invisalign Clear brace system.

What is the Invisalign system?

To put it simply, The Invisalign System is a way of achieving a beautiful smile invisibly.

Clear positioners are excellent at straightening out overlapping, crooked or gappy teeth, but they can’t solve every problem on their own.

So invisalign decided that to solve this problem, we needed a full range of invisible orthodontics – and The invisalign System was born!

Clearstep Braces

The important thing to remember is that although we use other methods as well as the clear positioners – they are all still invisible!

The clear positioners continue to be the main method of treatment with The invisalign System. They are wafer thin and made of a transparent medical grade plastic.

They are designed so that you wear each positioner for approximately two weeks. Little by little they gently move your teeth from their present to your desired position, as you work through the steps.

They are very comfortable and don’t impact on your speech, but importantly, are removable so you can take them out for an important business meeting or a hot date!

We also use Inman Aligners, C Fast and Smile TRU systems. For more information about this, get in touch today.